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Teatro Mio presents the theatrical season of 2011-2012 in Vico Equense

The cultural association “Compagnia di prosa e musica Teatro Mio”, born in 1998, has announced the program for the 2011-2012 performances, which will take place from October to April. The events will be held in Vico Equense at the “Teatro Mio” theater, which takes its name from the same association and is the ideal place to watch quality performances and shows.

Shows that will pay homage to the big names in the theatre business, with several theater companies that will not only play the inevitable comedies by Eduardo Scarpetta and Eduardo De Filippo, but also works by Luigi Pirandello, Samy Fayad and many others.

Bringing people closer, particularly young people, to this environment is one of the objectives of the cultural association Compagnia di prosa e musica Teatro Mio.

Certainly a commendable initiative, resulting in performances of great interest, which will accompany us throughout the year.

Here is this year’s program:

22/23 October 2011
Gi.DDI.VVI. Theater
“Il settimo si riposò”

By Samy Fayad

5/6 November 2011
‘I Paralipomeni’ present
“Bene mio core mio”

By Eduardo De Filippo

19/20 November 2011
‘Il Sipario’ presents
“A che servono questi quattrini?”

By Armando Curcio

3/4 December 2011
Ass. Krimisa presents
“Pitte cu sarde”

By Giovanni Malena

17/18 December 2011
Stabile Teatro Mio presents
“Condominio Palazzo Tamburino”

By Bruno Alvino

11/12 February 2012
Il Tenativo presents
“Gli esami non finiscono mai”

By Eduardo De Filippo

25/26 February 2012
Educarteatrando presents
“Duie Chiapparielle”

By Eduardo Scarpetta

10/11 March 2012
L’Eclissi presents
“Il piacere dell’onestà”

By Luigi Pirandello

17/18 March 2012
Filodrammatica di Laives presents
“Stasera vinco io”

By Federico Cioppetta

31 March/1 April 2012
Olimpia Alvino in
“Mare demonio santo ultimo”

By “Seta” of Alessandro Baricco

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