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The Ravello Festival 2011

This year’s theme at the 2011 edition of the Ravello Festival, held from July 8th to August 27th, will be the ” journey”. This festival, one of the most important in Southern Italy, will host more than 50 events over a period of about two months, to brighten the days of citizens and tourists of the beautiful places of the Amalfi coast.

The ”journey” theme, will be present throughout the duration of the event combined with performances by wonderful artists who characterize the scenes of the festival. Several artists will be present this year, all of international fame and immense talent.

Artists such as Philip Glass, Winton Marsalis, John Axelrod, the New York City Ballet, Raphael Gualazzi and Peppe Servillo of Avion Travel are just some of the fantastic names which this year will give a certain spark to the Ravello Festival!

The places that will host exhibitions, ballets, concerts and musical events are all diverse examples of rare beauty and historical heritage pertaining to theĀ  festival. The charming Villa Rufolo, dating back to the 1200, the splendid Villa Cimbrione, whose gardens and wonderful terrace are an irresistible attraction for tourists, these places will combine the absolute best quality with the beauty of music, especially with the symphonic musical works.

Finally, the brand new Niemeyer auditorium, inaugurated in 2010, capable of seating 400 people, offers perfect acoustics as well as the ability to act as a recording studio, meanwhile, on the outdoors, a wonderful Sun terrace offers a spectacular view of Ravello.

The 2011 Ravello Festival, with all the beauty and art it has, is surely an event not to miss out on! Not only for local residents but also for tourists who love to indulge in many of the evenings dedicated to culture, good music and who love to spend unforgettable moments.

For information on the complete calendar of the festival and more:

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