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Theatre Events in Sorrento and Amalfi Coast.

Cosplay ComicsVille Contest 2016


Also this year there will be a ComicsVille Cosplay Contest. Parades and performances by cosplayer will cheer your afternoons.

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Feast of St. Joseph 2016

On the occasion of the Feast of St. Joseph, the Confraternity of of the Sacred Heart of Mary and St. Joseph, with the sponsorship of the Municipality of Sant'Agnello, organized a day of prayer and fun.

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Neapolitan Carosello at Tasso Theatre

At the Teatro Tasso in Sorrento, in Piazza Sant'Antonino, Rosalba Spagnuolo, Francesco Cesarano Luca Nasti and the chorus directed by Carlo Morelli present: "Neapolitan Carousel".

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January Events 2014

January eventful in Sorrento, theater, concerts and events for a city always in movement, even in winter!

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Aperti per Ferie 2013 – Music, theatre and dance in Casarlano

Aperti per Ferie is a series of events from July 18th to August 25th in Casarlano, close to Sorrento. Live music, dance, theatre shows and more.

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