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Spring events 2011 in Sorrento

Spring in Sorrento means Art!

2011 looks like a very eventful year of particular artistic value for the town of Tasso. The main attractions, besides the surrounding beauties of spring in Sorrento, will be the various art exhibitions, organized by the Foundation of Sorrento, all held during the months of March and April.

To inaugurate it all, starting in between February and March, will be the Salierno collection. This collection was named after Henry Salierno, a famous craftsman from Sorrento who currently lives in the United States and who wanted to give his city multiple creations, such as the rare and antique furniture, which is a true Sorrentine tradition.

Instead, from March 5th to the 7th, the exhibition of the Camellia flower will take place, which will have expositions of all sorts. Put together at the Sorrentine Peninsula Garden Club.

Only a few weeks away, from March 25th to the 27th, Sorrento will host in different areas of the city, including the wonderful Villa Fiorentino, the 3rd Annual Japan Festival: a gathering where you can come in contact with the fascinating Japanese culture through art, food, music and dances of the rising sun.

But wait, there’s more! In fact, for almost the entire month of April, from the 10th to the 26th, there will be an Antiquarian Fair! The best antique exhibitors from different areas of Italy will come to participate and prepare their exhibitions in the beautiful Villa Fiorentino. Stands filled with rare and antique works of handicraft, furniture, furniture components, silverware and much more. A real pearl not to miss out on for fans of this genre!

Furthermore, to close the Spring Art Exhibitions of Sorrento, will also be additional events of great interest:

This will surely be a Spring vacation that will leave you breathless. Sorrento, for 2011, has organized exceptional events for those with an eye for art and for those who can’t resist the idea of gaining knowledge and experience from new cultures and traditions!

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