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Villa Fiorentino exhibits the Sorrentine Peninsula’s Maritime culture

At Villa Fiorentino, from May 14th to June 26th, the exhibition concerning the naval life of the Sorrentine Peninsula will take place, the event’s full title is actually “The maritime life of Sorrento and the wooden shipbuilding from Marina d’ Equa to Marina Grande”.

From 10 am to 1 am and from 4 pm to 9 pm, in Villa Fiorentino, you can witness the history of these large shipping companies that have been globally famous for centuries and have represented excellence in this sector.

Photos, model ships, navigation tools, objects, and much more will be part of this particular exhibition organized by Town of Sorrento. Taking part in the event will be Sorrento and the ASRDMPS foundation in collaboration with the nautical institute Nino Bixio, the Mario Maresca ship Museum and Lions Club.

The Mayor of Sorrento and the Director of the Foundation have released statements on this matter.

Town Mayor, Giuseppe Cuomo mentioned about the history of the city’s Navy: “Sorrento, as well as the rest of the peninsula of Sorrento, is proud to boast ancient maritime traditions.”

Local history pages are filled with episodes of lives lived, and some unfortunately lost, which testify the commitment of the men of the land of mermaids, in the waters of all the seas of the world.

The Director of the Sorrento foundation, Luigi Gargiulo, made a point about the maritime training capacity, stating: “the history of the seamanship in Sorrento, has contributed so much to the character and skills of the inhabitants of the peninsula giving deeper value and meaning to this natural and human environment.

There are many Sorrentin’i’, like myself, who were trained at the ancient and prestigious maritime school “Nino Bixio” and have been for years, related to the professions and trades regarding the sea “.

This is surely an event not to be missed, not only for lovers of this specific sector, but also for those who are curious  towards this world full of charm and nautical beauty.

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