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The “Pian…issimo” event 2011 in Piano Di Sorrento

“Pian…issimo” will be the name of the event that on September 30th, will finally say goodbye to Summer 2011. ‘Pianissimo’ which means slowly, is the perfect name for this event dedicated to a Summer which is abandoning us slowly, still giving us beautiful days to enjoy.

The event starts in this still wonderful weather, organized by the town of Piano Di Sorrento in Collaboration with varied cultural associations. Initially proposed as an idea to replace the feast of the patron of Piano Di Sorrento, Saint Michael, ‘Pian…issimo’ is expected to be an evening dedicated to entertainment, culture and tradition.

Traditional music concerts will be alternating with modern day music ones, meanwhile street performers and tasting booths will help guests have a great time. A great deal of time will be dedicated to the projection of different movies, all from the cinematographically influenced company, ”Cinema a go go”.

Leaving this year’s Summer behind, rich in colors and events, will not be easy, but we can face this reality in a pleasant way by coming to Piano Di Sorrento, where outdoor fun will be everywhere throughout the evening, and then witness the big fireworks finale!

Here’s the program:

Gran Cafè Marianiello

from September 27th to the 30th, Piazza Rossa by Ciro Ruggiero

Excursion to Vico Alvano in Collaboration with the Ulyxes Association

15:00 pm departure for the ‘Colli San Pietro’ area

17:00 pm ‘Sunset Concert’ starts with music from the ‘George Bizet’ Association and aperitif with local products

18:30 pm Return from the ‘Colli San Pietro’ area

Largo Santa Teresa

‘Cinema a go go’ company movie projection

19:00 pm ‘ James and the Giant Peach’

20:30 pm ‘ Fantastic Mr. Fox’

22:00 pm ‘Mathilde you’re awesome’

Piazza Delle Rose

19:00 pm Resurextion in concert

followed by live performance by Vulcania

Via Santa Margherita

19:00 pm Tertium MIllenium Association- corale concert

Via Casa Rosa

19:00 pm Gymnists Exhibition

Via delle Rose

19:00 pm Magic Medley Ballet show

Open Club Gym Performance

Via San Michele

19:00 pm  “Stelle di una notte di fine estate” show

followed by Gianni Iaccarino in concert

street performances

local products tasting

Piazza Cota

19:30 pm  Areton Club in concert

B-Side in concert

Francesca Maresca in concert

Marina di Cassano

23:30 pm Fireworks

final concert by the Maestro Licciardi

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