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Salvador Dalì exhibition in Sorrento

Salvador Dalì has been one the most influential artists of the Twentieth Century. Painter, sculptor and so much more, the spanish artist has left various works of art, that from June 14th to Semptember 29th will arrive in Sorrento.

The title of the exhibition is “The Dalì Universe” and will take place in the amazing scenery of Villa Fiorentino. The event is held by Beniamino Levi, president of the Stratton Foundation.

About 100 works of art of the artists will be shown off in Sorrento, pieces of art just like “Profilo del Tempo”, “La Persistenza della Memoria” or “Donna in Fiame”, some of his mosfamous works, such as the “Daum Cristallerie”.

Some of this amazing sculptures will be exhibited in the main squares of Sorrento.

The opening ceremony will take place on June 13th , this is are the opening hours and rates:

From Monday to Friday: 10 → 13 / 17 → 21
Saturday, Sunday and Holidays: 10 → 13 / 17 → 22

Tickets available at € 5, reduced price ticket at € 3.

To get further information about “The Dalì Universe” visit the “Dalì Universe” official site.

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