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Saint Lucia 2011 celebration in Sorrento

The Saint Lucia District  in Sorrento is really simple to reach, in fact it is located just a few minutes far from Tasso Square. Right there you can find the Chapel of Saint Lucia, in which on 12 and 13 of December is celebrated the Holy.

In addition to the purely religious celebrations, there is also time for fun, good food and traditions.

These traditions are respected thanks to the ritual of Saint Lucia’s “ceppone”; it is a fire left burning for the full duration of the festival, in order to explain metaphorically the highlight devotion and faith of the inhabitants of Sorrento to the Saint, the patron of view.

During the festival different stands are set up, where you can participate in charity games or peaches and taste the local dishes. Those days, in fact, the attraction is also represented by pork and sausage festival, which will allow people to enjoy the party without sacrificing the authenticity of local products, as well as sweet food and good wine.

The pre-Christmas atmosphere that reigns at the feast of Saint Lucia is the ideal place to spend your days outdoors, with all the family in a state of serenity and cheerfulness. This is a not to be missed opportunity, the best way to stay prepared for the arrival of Holy Christmas.

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