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Saint Antonino’s day 2011

Valentine’s day for those who live in or pass by Sorrento assumes a special meaning. Yes, because besides being the well known love holiday, this 2011, like every other year, locals will celebrate their Patron Saint day, Saint Antonino.

Celebrated on February 14th, the day of St. Antonino is highly significant for the inhabitants of Sorrento who are usually very attached to Christian values and to the gestures of the Saint, from which different miracles have occurred.

In addition to the religious events, during the day of Saint Antonino the town is packed with numerous stalls and stands, but then of course the moment of greatest importance and interest is when the holy procession, carries the silver statue of Saint Antonino through the streets of Sorrento.

Followed by religious, military and political authorities, but primarily by the faithful population of Sorrento, the procession is a one and only event that takes place every morning of February 14th. At the end of the procession, the statue is put back in the church, which is named after the Saint himself, ordered by the Archangel, Gabriel.

Spending February 14th in Sorrento is not only an opportunity for the locals or faithful, but also for all those who love traditions and culture, and for those appreciate the roots of their land and the traditions that have survived.

At the end of the evening, we’ll all find each other in Tasso Square, where you will be able to see a spectacle of fireworks in honor of the Holy day and all lovers, which will conclude the evening in a beautiful setting of light and colors.

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