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“I Profumi del Borgo Antico” 2011 event in Massaquano (Vico Equense) – VII Edition

From Monday Aug 15th to Wednesday the 17th, all those who will travel to Massaquano (Vico Equense) will have the opportunity to taste dishes of unique taste, expertly prepared respecting ancient recipes, so as to maintain the authenticity and the delicacy of a time.

Genuine and tasty dishes of the Sorrentine peninsula tradition are the ones who master the 7TH Edition of the “I Profumi del Borgo Antico” event, a Festival held in Vico Equense, in the Massaquano area, right at the foot of Monte Faito.

Here tradition is crucial and it becomes so especially in the kitchen when it tries to hand down to new generations the good taste of the past.

For three days, starting at 21.00 pm, the palates of the guests of the Festival will be cheered by good food, so what better time to visit with your family and spend a pleasant evening, enjoying yourselves?

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