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Processions 2013: info and suggestions

The Holy Week in Sorrento is probably one of the most heart-felt times of the year, when the people shows their devotion to the faith and Christian tradition.

During the Holy Week in the churches occur the celebration of the Christ’s Passion, but are the confraternities and congregations to handle the striking processions.

Since the day after the Palm Sunday, on Monday 25th, the first procession to take place is the “Addolorata Madre”, starting at 20.30 from the Church of Sant’Anna.

On Tuesday 26th at 19.30 will take place the Via Crucis and on Thursday 28th the Confraternity of Santissimo Rosario handles the processions to visit the “Altari della Reposizione”.

Holy Friday 29th is the day of the most famous processions of Sorrento.

At 3 in the morning starts the “Processione della Madonna Addolorata”, known as “White Procession” with the members of the confraternity of the “Servi di Maria” dressed up with white robe and hood.

On the same day, at 20.00 starts the “Black Procession”. The real name is “Processione del Cristo Morto” and the members of the Congregazione dei Servi di Maria Arciconfraternita di San Catello e della Morte are dressed up with black robe and hood.

This processions are quite suggestive and charming and captivate both believers or not. If you love the popular traditions, this is an event you don’t have to miss.

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