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The 2011 Positano Myths Festival

 Women and the role they’ve covered during history

Starting Friday, September 2nd and finishing Sunday, September 11th – 2011 Positano Myths Festival, one of the most important events of the year on the Amalfi coast. The theme of this edition will focus on the female figure and the crucial role held by them over the years which have also characterized the history of humanity.

The event will retrace the deeds of important women, divine creatures or human, since ancient Greece. Women such as Eve, Pandora, Gaia, or companions of the great heroes like Elena, Andromache or Penelope were mentioned by great writers such as Homer and Virgil, until more recent times, where authors like Rilke, Unamuno or Goethe were fascinated by these famous women. They will, therefore, be dedicated in honor the entire day September 10th, with speeches and discussions.

Other days will be dedicated to art, starring notable guests. September 4th will be the cello of Paul Andriotti to delight the audience, while the 7th and 8th of September the wonderful Korean musician Kun Woo Paik will be placed on stage. The Ballet will close the event, on Sunday September 11th, with Rossella Brescia and Stefano de Martino to perform in Cassandra, Luciano Cannito.

These are just some of the events that will be put together, the full list of performances, with times and places are listed below:

Friday, September 2nd

11:00 am in Positano

Press Conference

Saturday, September 3d

12:00 am at the Viaggio Museum

Event Inauguration

Massine, the Myth

Parade – Cappello a tre punte – Pulcinella

Brought to you by Anna Biagiotti, Roberta Bignardi, Daniele Cipriani, Carmela Piccione, Maurizio Varamo.

21:00 pm at the Grande Beach

New Dance award ceremony in Positano

Judged by: Presidente Alfio Agostini (Ballet 2000) -Anna Kisselgoff(New York Times) -Erik Aschengreen (Berlingske Tidende di Copenhagen) – Clement Crisp (Financial Times) – Dominique Frétard (Le Monde) Roger Salas (El Pais) – Donatella Bertozzi (Il Messaggero) Elisa Vaccarino (Il Giorno).

Sunday, September 4th

19:00 pm in the Flavio Gioia Square

Rossana Casale e Tosca: Mythological Women

Exclusive Myth Festival Concert

Monday, September 5th

20:30 pm in the Flavio Gioia Square

Sacred Temple for heroes presentation

The fable of Pollicino

Tuesday, September 6th

21:30 pm at the Grande Beach

Rossana Casale e Tosca: Mythological Women

Exclusive Myth Festival Concert

Wednesday, September 7th

19:30 pm at the Positano Dome

Maurice Ravel Piano performance

Soloist: Kun Woo Pok

Friday, September 9th

From 5 to 7 pm at the Viaggio Museum

Scientific convention: Women from Myth to Reality

17:00 pm – Town Mayor comes out to great event participants

An introduction from Paola Volpe

Intervention by Giuseppe Cantillo

21:00 pm Positano Dome

The four seasons by Antonio Vivaldi

Satuday, September 10th

From 10 am to 6pm at the Viaggio Museum

Scientific convention: Women from Myth to Reality

19:00 pm at the Casa Orfeo – Kempf Foundation

Students from a local music school perform piano pieces by Ludwig Beethoven

Directed by John O’Connor

Sunday, September 11th

21:30 pm at the Grande Beach

Rossella Brescia and Stefano di Martino in Cassandra

Musical dance act by DCE Danzitalia company

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