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Napoli Theatre Festival 2013

The “Napoli Theatre Festival” started on June 4th and will go on until June 23th. This international event will bring on stage directors, choreographers and musicians from all over the world. In various theatres of Naples there’ll be the opportunity to see performances of various kind, such as concerts, theatrical performances and ballets.

Famous directors, such as Andrej Konchalovskij, also known in Hollywood, will hit the stage with Shakespeare’s “The Taming of the Shrew” or Alfredo Arias, with its Raffaele Viviani’s version of “Circo Equestre Sgueglia”. The event is gonna be even more important, in fact various shows are on world premiere.

Really interesting is the choreographic installation of Ismael Ivo, formerly director of Venezia’s Biennale 2012, that will introduce its stage show about Yukio Mishima’s life.

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