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Musical event “Doppio Gioco”

The appointments with “Doppio Gioco” continue, the musical review, by the Art Direction of the “Centro di Musica Antica Pietà de’ Turchini” arranged at the Grand Hotel Cocumella in Sant’Agnello (Sorrento).

Sunday June 17th 2012 (aperitif at 7,30 p.m. – the concert begins at 8,30 p.m.) Umberto Maisto and Francesca Iovine will star in a suggestive dialogue for guitar and narrator: “When thoughts become words and when music becomes thoughts” Music by Cordero, Pujol, Llobet, Turina, Granados and the texts by Stefano Aruta.

The concert program merges completely with the text by staging a lively comparison from which derive images that pass through different places, the time and history.

It passes from the “Canto Negroriano” by Ernesto Cordero, a tribute to the African culture in a contemporary language, to the Catalan songs by Miguel Llobet, passing to a Spanish masterpiece of the twentieth-century, the “Sonata op.41” by Joaquin Turina, evocation and prediction of the destruction caused by the Spanish Civil War. Followed by the “Guajira” song by Emilio Pujol who accompanies the listener to the epilogue of the story, reaching the Intermezzo of the opera Goyescas by Enrique Granados.

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