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May 1st 2011, the Capri – Castellammare boat race is back

The 2011 edition of the Capri – Castellammare boat race, organized by the Capri Yacht club and the Italian Naval League of Castellammare di Stabia will commence Sunday, May 1st. After the great success from last year’s edition, the event had to repeat itself for all the sail boat fans.

The race, opening right during the 2011 Spring Season races, will start from the well known island of Capri and make its way all the way to the shores of Castellammare. It will surely be an exciting event to watch and it will also be enjoyable for those who witness it from ground level, seeing that it will mainly course along the coast of Sorrento.

The Capri- Castellammare race is a well organized event. Besides being a great sport competition to watch, also in store is a great festive climate with music and parties, and to end it all a great ‘greeting’ party, which had much success in the previous edition of the event.

Just like the previous years, with boats fully equipped and ready to race, the competition will certainly be enthusiastic! To watch it all go down, be sure to reach the island of Capri on May 1st and experience a fun-filled, boat- action day!

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