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Japanese Cultural Festival in Sorrento

It start today, March 23, till Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 of March, the Japanese Cultural Festival, an event taking place in Sorrento, promoted by the Municipality and the Sorrento Foundation.

All that beautiful culture of the Rising Sun has to offer is enclosed in aseries of interesting events and locations. Much emphasis will be givento Japanese cinema, with the vision of several films over the three days,like “A Summer with Coo” by Keiichi Hara, “13 Assassins” by TakashiMiike or “Hana Bi” by Takeshi Kitano.

Not to be missed the great photo exhibition “The Japanese Festival” organized by the Institute of Japanese culture of Rome and a celebration, on Sunday morning, with a Mass dedicated to the victims of the earthquake and tsunami that have plagued parts of Japan about a year ago.

The Festival of Japanese Culture is not only an event dedicated to the lovers of this wonderful country, but also for those who appreciate thecultural diversity and for whom, curiously, want to get closer to afascinating world, sometimes mysterious, but certainly never boring.

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