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Japan Festival 2011

Japanese culture has many fascinating aspects for anyone interested in Oriental traditions, and divergent art forms. From March 25th to the 27th 2011 the annual Japan Festival will be held in Sorrento where visitors come from across the globe to experience this grand event, so flip open your calendar and mark down these days!

Being the third and last year the town will host the event, the Japan Festival will bring out all of the values and customs of the fascinating land of the rising sun in contact with Western civilization. An event, which will without doubt, culturally enrich anyone who decides to participate.

The three days of the festival will be divided upon dances, songs, martial art demonstrations and exhibitions of oriental culture; such as the kodo, the ancient art of playing a drum, the tea ritual ceremony and the discovery of Japanese cuisine.

There will also be presentations where you can learn all about the historic Japanese arts: such as origami, the shodo calligraphy, the ikebana floral and bonsai arts, all in addition to the ceramic works of art, known as togei or tigori, and Japanese wood crafts.

Caught your attention? How could you not be in the presence of so many wonderful artistic expressions? This was only a small taste of the numerous developments the Japan Festival in Sorrento has organized just for you.

An chance not to miss for all the Japanese culture fans and for all those who love cultural exchanges, to get to know new cultures and, why not even take home a piece of the far East!

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