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Festival of Lemon 2013 – Massa Lubrense

On July 20th and 21th you can enjoy the thirty-ninth edition of the “Festival of Lemon” in Massa Lubrense. The festival will take place in the city centre, and you can taste the typical local products, tasting various dishes with the flavors of Massa Lubrense’s lemons.

In addition to the culinary tasting, some music shows will start in the evening of both days. The first one, on July 20th at 9 p.m. in the Vescovado Square, will see Consiglia Licciardi singing the classical neapolitan songs.

The next day, in the same location, will hit the stage the Macramè Project, who will play a mix of neapolitan and international music.

And that’s not all! In fact an international exhibit will start on July 20th up to August 4th, with the name “Ode to the lemon”, obvious connection with the main theme of the event.

Some days later, but always linked to the Festival, italian coldiretti (one of the promoters) will offer on July 25th, next to the gardens of Massa Lubrense, a tasting of local products and entertaing shows. On August 28th the same coldiretti is going to announce the winner of the award “The Lemon in Massa Lubrense”.

Various events in the pursuit of the good food and entertainment, perfect to start this delayed summer.

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