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Environment Week in Positano 2012

Organized by the town of Positano, the “Environment Week” is a training program which will try to educate and to inform visitors of the issues that concern the environment, the problems related to it and its preservation. From 9 to 15 July will be conferences, discussions and debates on a subject that should be of great concern to all inhabitants of the planet.

Besides the issue of dissemination we will also be space for entertainment, musical evenings and nights dedicated to gastronomes, all with a dominant topic: the environment

The program of the event

Monday 9 July 2012

6.30 pm at Town Hall – Press conference

Presentation of the photo exhibition “Positano and the environment pioneer”.

Tuesday 10 July 2012

9.00 am at Leonide Massine pier – Eco-Village

Setting up of the Eco-Village, to learn the respect and the protection of the sea

7.00 pm at Town Hall Art Gallery

Wednesday 11 July 2012

8.00 am at Chiesa Nuova (Positano district): Le Tese (a hillwalking) celebrates 100 years of changes.

8.30 am start , the hike duration is about 2 hours and you will enjoy the amazing panoramas from the hills.

7.00 pm at Montepertuso

Youth town council and a performance of a kids’ choir

Thursday 12 July 2012

10.00 am excursion in Vallone Porto (a site of community importance and a WWF protected area) with a special guide, Mr. Gianni Menichetti, “guardian” of the valley.

6.30 pm at Montepertuso

La citta di Riciclò: workshops, training activities, theatre performances and games. An event especially addressed to kids aiming at describing different ways of recycling.

8.30 p.m. Musical Show by F. Di Franco Association, with the group Scalinatella

Friday 13 July 2012 

6.00 pm at Montepertuso

Second and final meeting with “La città di Riciclò”.

8.00 pm at Montepertuso

The sun with the wheels: Prof. Ing. Mr. Gianfranco Rizzo from Salerno University present his project of self solar hydrid energy. Mr. Vicenzo Sannino, president of the association ACARBIO relates the candidature of Amalfi Coast as biosphere reserve. Ms. Maria Malzone, representative of AUSINO presents the project “Casa dell’acqua”, with the participation of Mrs. Matilde Milite, President of AUSINO

Musical Interlude by Roberto Ruocco and Dafne Martini

Saturday 14 July 2012 – Saturday in the neighborhood

9.00 am In collaboration with local associations and school children, beginning at the various districts of the country’s environmental awareness campaign with the delivery to the families of informative material with the intent to implement a training and environmental training. – Will also be identified by different groups of areas (flowerbeds, gardens, stairs, etc..) to improve and upgrade

1:00 p.m.: packed lunch

3.00 p.m.: start of works

Sunday 15 July 2012

8.00 am at Piazza dei Mulini

Bike ride around the village. On this special occasion you’ll have the chance to try electric bikes and taste some deli products.

3.00 p.m. at Montepertuso Sports Center

Games by PROPOSITA and GEA association

7.00 pm at Montepertuso Sports Cent

Closing ceremony of the Olympics of Salerno area

9.30 pm closing concert performed by the local rock band Emmecosta

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