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Easter 2011 in Sorrento

Easter in Sorrento is a very unique moment. To experience Easter as the town’s inhabitants do, means following ancient traditions, which are both commotional and splendid at the same time.

The Processions, which represent the moments of Christ’s passion, are numerous. Walking the streets of Sorrento throughout Thursday and Friday, these holy processions express pure magical scenes. Some of them even stroll the streets in the middle of the night.

Just like the others, the famous White procession presents faithful men fully covered in white hooded garments, that parade through the city with in hand objects which recall the Passion of Jesus Christ, such as the column, the bloodstained shroud, nails and obviously the crosses.

It’s ancient rituals like this, who have for years now, made special, the day of Easter in Sorrento.

The religious rituals are not the only ones, however, to conquer Easter day in Sorrento. In fact, while the culture and processions are a time of incredible importance, of great importance are also the culinary traditions of the Sorrentine peninsula.

How can we, in fact, speaking of Easter in Sorrento, not mention the tasty delicacies the cuisine of Sorrento offers? From Cheese, sausages, and eggs to the famous and inevitable ‘pastiera’ and scrumptious ‘casatiello’! Sweet or savory dishes which they are, they’ve become part of the Easter holidays for years, perhaps all accompanied by a good taste of local made liquors of Sorrento: such as the famous limoncello!

In short, spending a few beautiful days during Easter in Sorrento is a great delight in any point of view! From the historical-cultural side that hands down ancient traditions, to the more ‘mouthwatering’ Easter days, choosing Sorrento is undoubtedly a winner! Don’t hesitate any longer, get ready to spend Easter 2011 in Sorrento; you’ll definitely come back again!

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