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Classical Sorrento 2011

Kicking off today, June 8th, the 2011 edition of the Classical Sorrento event, which will see the city host in its most historical areas, such as the wonderful gardens, mansions and museums, a series of concerts of classical music and Opera, which will take place until July 4th.

The artistic director is Paul Scibilia and between the various performances, those standing out will surely be the piano performance by Maestro Riccardo Scilipoti and the Gazzana Duo playing, by both Violin and Piano, works by Beethoven, and Dvorak. Both exhibitions will be held at the Correale Museum.

Also Dvorak’s masterpieces will also be sung by the soloists of the San Carlo Theater Choir, who will again sing on Monday, July 4th, for the Autonomous Tourism Company, while the week before, on June 27th in Sant’Agnello, general songs ranging from classical to progressive will be performed.

In short, the Sorrento Classical is an event full of high-quality music, bring together classical genre with others, that way making it interesting not only for the passionate ones about music, but also for those who approach the event with little knowledge about these wonderful sounds and styles.

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