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Celebration of the unification of Italy

Piano di Sorrento is mobilizing itself in occasion of the 150th year celebration of the unification of Italy. There will be, in fact, numerous events, which celebrate this important day for the entire country.

From March 15th to May 4th, several functions will be put together to remember how the unification of Italy was reached, with documentary screenings, concerts and various dissertations on the cultural and historical importance of the Italian union.

The climax of it all, of course, will be on March 17th, which has been declared a public holiday on behalf of the occasion, when at 9 a.m., the town band of Cota Square will musically note the national anthem, then the ceremony will end with the beautiful scene of the Italian flag being raised through the clouds.

Then, at 9:30 a.m., in the boardroom of the town hall, the Mayor of Piano di Sorrento, John Ruggiero, will hold a speech about the unity.

Later on, in the afternoon, the Cota Square town band will march through the local streets, then – at 7:30 p.m., a great concert will be performed, including the national anthem, and many more patriotic songs.

To end the wonderful day, Fireworks, brought to you by the “Pirotecnica Sorrentina” (Sorrentine Pyrotechnics), will burst out into the night sky, rendering it a memorable, celebrated day!

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