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“Aperti per Ferie” 2011 event in Casarlano (Sorrento)

“Aperti per Ferie” (Open for holiday) is the friendly name of an important event that is held in Casarlano, a suburb of Sorrento, from August 1st to the 21st.

Now in its sixth edition, the event, organised with the support of the local Foundation, is a meeting of several moments dedicated to different art forms: music, theatre, dance, comedy and animation.

The first days of the exhibition are dedicated to amateur theatre companies, while the final days are all about the good Neapolitan music and cabaret! So much fun, completely free, to enjoy in the pleasant scenery of the hills of Casarlano.

The shows begin at 21:00 pm and will alternate artists more or less famous, but all of high artistic value.

Artists from the hilarious comedies of “Made In sud”, “Zelig” and “Colorado” and various folk groups who make tradition their inspiration, “Open for Holiday” is ideal for evenings of quality, that are fun and give you the chance to socialize with everyone: young and old!

Click here to view the flyer of the event!

Program of the event:

Friday, August 12th

Theatrical company ‘sette e mezzo’ present ” ditegli sempre di si”

Saturday, August 13th

Theatrical company ‘S.Giuseppe’ present “na faccia e pacchere’ by Franco de Angelis

Sunday, August 14th

Magic Circus Show

Monday, August 15th

Musical group “triotarantae” present “Canti Migranti”

Tuesday, August 16th

Made in Sud hosted by Gigi and Ross, with the participation of: Mino abbacuccio, Alessandro Bolide, Salvatore Gisonna, Ivan e Cristiano, I Malincomici, Lello Musella e Angelo Venezia.

Wednesday, August 17th

Folkloristic group show “Piedigrotta Sorrentina”

Thursday, August 18th

The “New Wind Ensemble” present  “Voce, Cante e ‘ssuone… Ancora”

At 22:30 pm cabaret with Nello Iorio

Friday, August 19th

Music Concert performed by LUNA ROSSA

Sunday, August 21st

Final evening with slow and group dances- lottery extraction

For further info: 333 58 00 924 | 339 64 95 740.

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