“Mille e una…Archeologia”: archaeological free nightly visits

Wrote on 30 August 2012


“Mille e una…Archeologia” (Thousand and One … Archaeology) is the name of the initiative commissioned by the Superintendence for Archaeological Heritage of four provinces of Campania Region: Salerno, Avellino, Benevento and Caserta.

Effective up to 31 October 2012, the project will allow the public to have free access, during the night, to some of the most beautiful museums and archaeological sites of Campania Region.

The places which are to be enchanted many and, at dusk, take on a charm even more magical. The temples of Paestum, for example, whose places, at the going down of the sun, take breathtaking atmosphere. The same applies to the Roman Theatre of Benevento, or the ancient city of Veila.

There are also many museums that will be open for the occasion, which will enable even children to approach art and culture, with initiatives designed specifically for them, as well as themed debates, exhibitions and much more.

Here is the list, while opening times and information, consult the official program (Italian):

Antiquarium di Ariano Irpino (Av)
Antiquarium, Anfiteatro e Necropoli Monumentale di Avella (Av)
Villa romana di Lauro (Av)
Area Archeologica dell’antica Aeclanum, Mirabella Eclano (Av)
Teatro romano, Benevento
Museo Archeologico del Sannio Caudino, Montesarchio (Bn)
Antiquarium dell’Antica Telesia, San Salvatore Telesino (Bn)
Museo Archeologico, Anfiteatro, Foro Romano, Mausoleo degli Acilii dell’antica Allifae, Alife (Ce)
Teatro romano dell’antica Cales, Calvi Risorta (Ce)
Museo Archeologico dell’antica Calatia, Maddaloni (Ce)
Chiostro di San Domenico, Piedimonte Matese (Ce)
Museo, Anfiteatro Campano e Mitreo dell’Antica Capua, Santa Maria Capua Vetere (Ce)
Castello di Sant’Angelo di Alife (Ce)
Teatro romano e sale espositive del Castello, Sessa Aurunca (Ce)
Museo Archeologico dell’Agro Atellano, Succivo (Ce)
Museo Archeologico e Teatro Romano di Teanum Sidicinum, Teano (Ce)
Museo Archeologico Nazionale, Buccino (SA)
Museo Archeologico Nazionale, Eboli (Sa)
Antiquarium e Villa romana, Minori (Sa)
Area Archeologica del Teatro Ellenistico Romano e della Necropoli Monumentale, Nocera (Sa)
Museo Archeologico Nazionale e Area Archeologica, Paestum (Sa)
Museo Archeologico Nazionale, Pontecagnano (Sa)
Museo Archeologico Nazionale della Valle del Sarno, Sarno (Sa)
Area Archeologica e Antiquarium, Velia (Sa)

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