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Eventi a Sorrento

Events Sorrento

Informations blog about Events in Sorrento Peninsula, Amalfi Coast and Campania: Art, Cinema, Culture, Gastronomy, Music, Sport, Theatre and Tradition.

Sorrento Ceramic Festival

Posted by Teresa D'Esposito on 25 Aug 2015 | Art, Culture, Gastronomy


Sensorial show art competition, 18, 19 and 20 September 2015 in Piazza Andrea Veniero in Sorrento.

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August Village Festival 2015

Posted by Teresa D'Esposito on 2 Aug 2015 | Culture, Gastronomy


In Sorrento and surroundings, during the month of August, there are many village festivals to which I recommend you to join. Each one is unique, but all offer good food and good music.

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Campania Express: fast train Sorrento, Pompeii, Hercolano, Napoli

Posted by Teresa D'Esposito on 2 Jun 2015 | Art, Various


From May to October is on the special train for tourists that departs from Sorrento and stops in Pompeii and Herculaneum, to get directly to Naples.

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Villa Fiorentino: 2015 Events

Posted by Teresa D'Esposito on 20 Jan 2015 | Art

Villa Fiorentino Sorrento

In the beautiful setting of one of the oldest and most beautiful villas in Sorrento, “Fondazione Sorrento” presents a highest quality program of art exhibitions.

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January 2015 Concerts

Posted by Teresa D'Esposito on 2 Jan 2015 | Music


In Sorrento is not only the Sirens sing! Many concerts scheduled for the month of January, here they are in chronological order.

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